Jelly Babies

Our Jelly Babies’ room welcomes babies from 1 month – 17 months (approx. age guideline) into a warm, friendly environment located on the ground floor. We recognise that finding the right environment for your baby can be a very difficult decision to make for families. Understanding this ensures that we not only provide a fantastic area for your baby to access, but also ensuring we have exceptional staff working with us. Our baby room is a large open plan room where we can pay particular attention to their individual needs at such a young age.

The babies will also have daily access to our outdoor provision through our toddler area where they can further explore, experiment and play. The babies have the opportunity to engage in lots of play and activities that will encourage their all round development.

Meal times can be flexible for our youngest babies, when they are ready we make meal times a social event where our babies can begin to eat together. We can undertake meal times with as much or as little support, for example with baby led weaning, as you are looking for. Of course there will always be a high level of praise and encouragement at meal times, providing relaxed time to explore and experiment with different textures and tastes.

They are nurtured throughout their time as Jelly Babies with us, offering all the encouragement and support they need to grow into confident, enthused toddlers. We also enjoy lots of sensory play within the baby room, spending time exploring natural objects in treasure baskets which are home made at the Gingerbread House as well as lots of messy and textural play and activities.

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