Jelly Beans

Our Jelly Beans have the entire 1st Floor devoted to their preschool rooms at The Ginger Bread House Day Nursery. Our pre-schoolers join our Jelly Beans room at around 3 yrs, again this is individual to each child’s needs. Our Jelly Beans room is a learning enriched environment which provides extra challenge and independence, although still learning through play based activities. They can access a variety of activities freely such as role play, music and movement, sand and water, construction, arts and craft, ICT and opportunities both indoors and out that will allow and promote each child to encounter positive, motivating learning experiences across all areas of their learning and development.  Our pre-school allows children to still be children; they can play, explore and have an unlimited amount of time, attention and encouragement from adults. However we do this in such a way that ensures their social interactions, individual self belief and confidence is at the fore front of their time with us. We take pride in seeing our Jelly Beans leave us for a new exciting start in school, leaving us as resilient, self sufficient and competent active learners. Independence is important to our Jelly beans; we promote this through fun, laughter, a sense of belonging and positive responsibility. Ultimately this leaves our Jelly Beans feeling proud, delighted and captivated in their new found confidence. Independence will be promoted throughout the day, meal times give us a fantastic opportunity to allow each child to serve their own meals, and help to tidy away, of course support will always be on hand and staff join in this social time with the children joining them for lunch daily.

Our Jelly beans also have daily access to the outdoor provision and with adult support will also benefit from time exploring and experimenting in our Sensory area.  Alike the toddlers and baby areas there is always adult planned or initiated activities taking place which provides opportunities to really engage the children and challenge their development and extend learning.

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