Jelly Tots

Our Jelly Tots range from 17 months to three years (approx age range) and is also located on our ground floor with two sets of patio doors which flow to our enclosed garden provision. Having an approximate age guideline gives us the opportunity to ensure this is flexible and really related to individual children and their readiness to transition to the next room. Some toddlers may join us at 15 months, others may benefit from spending another couple of months in our baby room.

In the Jelly tots room our aim is for our children to continue developing and flourish through play, exploration and captivation of exciting opportunities. Our Jelly Tots area is set out so we can really enable our toddlers to engage in free play, as well as providing adult led and planned activities which are based around individual children’s interests. Our carefully selected team easily adapt activities on offer to suit different abilities as well as explore different strands of interests.  

Our toddlers are introduced to circle time and your child will enjoy a self chosen choice of activities including role play, music and movement, sand and water, outdoor play and arts and craft activities. Our Jelly Tots are at such an important age that their inspiration for learning and exploration of new found ideas must be captured, nurtured and enhanced.

Meal times are a social occasion where our toddlers come together to eat, providing a fantastic opportunity to develop social skills, experiment and try new, exciting food tastes. Our set up allows older toddlers and staff to be positive role models, staff eat with the children and are on hand to assist children who may need help as well as encouraging our older toddlers to be independent within a relaxed, supportive environment.

Our Toddlers have regular, daily access to our outdoor provision enabling us to provide a continuation of our indoor environment outside. Our outdoor provision is stimulating and exhilarating; it enables our Jelly Tots to begin a thought provoking journey of exploration within a safe and supportive environment.

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