Settling In

The Ginger Bread House Day Nursery understands the importance of both you and your child feeling safe, happy and secure when with us. Starting a nursery can be a daunting experience for families – including the child.

At The Ginger Bread House Day Nursery we ensure this experience is one that is treasured and truly captures the beginning of a long lasting partnership between you and us. We pride ourselves in knowing our children extremely well, however when a new child joins we recognise that we don’t know them – we need to get to know them, enable them to feel safe and give them time to welcome us into their play, building a trusting, secure friendly relationship with us. Starting nursery can be a big change for some, a walk in the park for others – it’s a very individual experience.

When starting with us we offer ‘Pre-Start’ sessions.  These are 2 hour sessions which we will use to welcome you into the Nursery; you will be assigned a key person, which will be a member of staff who will support you and your child in getting to know us. They will find out as much about your child as possible – after all, you as parents/carers know everything about them and giving you time to share that with us is vital.

We recommend that 2 pre-starts are completed by all children, a two hour session where we invite you to stay with your child and spend this time with your key person, and then a second two hour session where we encourage you to settle your child before leaving them for a two hour session.  We endeavour to arrange these pre-start sessions the week before your child is due to start with us – ensuring that they are familiar with the staff and nursery and a time gap isn’t left between pre-starts sessions and their first day with us.

Of course two pre-starts are not always enough for some children and their families; in this case we simply offer you more pre-start sessions until your child and you feel at home with us.

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